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Our Services

Agile solutions and services

Our Agile methodology process and recommendations helps organizations to improve business process reviewing their current team, performance and methods. We provide recommendations and training for organizations and to their teams to reduce the risk of delivery. Our services start from evaluating, recommendations, development and also providing guidelines plan for consecutive improvement.

Mobile Applications

Silverline’s application development team has an expertise of mobile design experience providing robust, reusablecustom design system for new application project and also current web applications.

Our main goal is to provide organizations deliver an extended access of their applications in mobile platform. We provide an extensive and variety scale of Android and iOS application development services and solutions with a best recommended utility and techniques in the technology market.

Web applications

Silverline’s applications team strategy is to create a adaptable and flexible web applications with latest web application technologies in the market. With an expertise in all different industries, we create solutions for meeting the business requirements. Our solutions includes Agile methodology development and deployment using standard and open source technologies in the market.

Cloud services

Silverline offers client with an end to end integration services for client applications in cloud computing services. We use an structured and documented approach to satisfy the business requirements which includes infrastructure, processes, integration, policies for the appropriate cloud computing services. Our key services include Cloud solutions services, Cloud development and deployment services, Cloud migration services and Cloud environment managing services.

Data governance and Archiving

Big data